Yesterday, I did a Holiday Gift guide for Women  and I wrote that I feel like buying a gift for men is easier that for women , just because women have a much large range of stuff to choose from. But that doesn't mean that shopping for men is a piece of cake. Although it's not as hard as shopping for women, it has its difficulty too.

Just like I did yesterday, here is a list of possible gifts to give the men in your life.


French Connection Felt Cable Knit Jumper -  Jumpers are such an essential and versatile piece to have. This jumper in particular has a very easy to style colour and has a detail I love: a bit or turtle neck. Lots of male celebrities have been rocking this trend (for example: Drake on his 'Hotline Bling' and Nick Jonas on the AMA's) and I think it's a great detail to jazz up a simple outfit. 

ASOS Velour Bomber - Velvet is a huge trend this year and bomber jackets have been in for a while now, so put these two together and you have a great trendy piece. I love seeing guys wearing bomber jackets, so in my opinion, this is a great gift.

Zara Trousers With Knee Rips -  Black jeans are a staple. Everyone knows it. There's no such thing as too much black jeans! These Zara ones give more of a 'badass' look due to the knee rips, which don't harm an outfit in any way.


River Island Lace-up Derbies - I love navy shoes. I think these River Island ones are great to wear to a fancy dinner or just to wear to work!

Polo Ralph Lauren Dillian Leather Chelsea Boots -  Black boots are a piece that should forever be on any wardrobe, so, of course, this is a great gift to give to anyone.


Zara Melange Knit Hat -  A beanie is always a great gift. It keeps us stylish and most important of all: warm.

7X Blanket Scarf Ingrid Check - I have a thing for guys in scarves: i just love it and I don't even know why! Obviously for me, this is an amazing gift!
It's that time of the year again! Christmas is coming up and if you're like me (and my mom) you have no idea what to give to your family as a gift.

I feel like we always have a harder time choosing stuff for the women in our family than for the men (which is kinda bad because y family is about 80% women). There is a much larger range of gifts you can give to a girl/woman than to a man, which makes the whole gift buying situation easier. because there's a large range of things you can choose from,but at the same time hard, because there's a large range of things you can choose from!

, I decided to do a little gift guide, in hopes that it might help on of you.


ASOS Only Geena Knit Jumper  - What a better piece of clothing to give someone at this time of the year then a jumper! It has been so cold outside lately and everyone likes to feel warm and I feel like a jumper does the trick. This ASOS jumper is a great piece to give anyone at any age. It's a simple yet sophisticated jumper, that doesn't feel heavy and bulky.

Zara Structured Cape -  I am a sucker for capes, I have to admit it. I think they're a great twist on winter coats and are amazing if you just want to dress up in layers. This Zara Cape has a color and fabric that reminds me a lot of snow, so I believe this is a perfect piece for this time of the year.

AllSaints Bicker Light Grey Jeans - Jeans are a wardrobe staple, everybody knows that. But why not change things up a little? People normally buy blue or black jeans and don't stray far away from that, but I think grey jeans are a great piece of clothing to have on your wardrobe. These AllSaints jeans have bicker detaisl on the, which makes them more interesting.


ASOS PROP Lace-up Pointed High Heels - Lace-ups are trend in every piece of clothing. You see it in shirts, you see it in pants and you see it in shoes. This pair is a great one for going out or just wear it to work and spice up your outfit.

Public Desire's Joy Over The Knee Boots -  They are the IT shoe this season. Everywhere we go, we see girls wearing over the knee boots. They are a huge and  amazing trend that can suit anyone. This pair is form Public Desire and are just like the Stuart Weitzman Lowlands but much much (MUCH) cheaper.

Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers - These sneakers are, again, a huge trend. They are very stylish and comfortable so I understand why everyone buys them. They are a great choice to give someone who is always on the go and walking around, as they are super duper comfortable and easy to style.


Rebecca Minkoff  Micro Lexi Holiday Bucket Bag -  A black bag is something every girl should have on their wardrobe. It's a very versatile and stylish piece that can be worn all year round. This Rebecca Minkoff Bucket Bag is a tiny bit expensive but it's something that it will be used a lot and for a long long time.

Forever 21 Small-Brim Wool Fedora - I love, love, love fedoras. It's an obsession of mine. I think they really elevate an outfit: a fedora makes a simple outfit go from 'wam' to 'BAM'! There are loads of different types of fedoras in all sorts of colors. If you're thinking of buying someone a fedora, I'd say go for a black or camel one: these colors will go with everything.

Garage Clothing Chunky Knit Scarf -  Who doesn't love a huge and warm scarf to wear on really cold days? Well, I love them and I think scarves are a lovely gift to give to anyone. This one is grey (which I love) and is made of a really fluffy and soft material. It's a win in my book!


Chloé Eau de Parfum- Perfumes are something probably everyone has received on Christmas at least once in their life. I have actually asked my aunt to give me this Chloé perfume this Christmas, because: 1- it smells amazing and 2- the bottle is beautiful.

Nars Audacious Lipstick  - I think lipsticks are a really cute present. I don't know why!I love the color of this lipstick and I'm in love with the packaging. I think, even though it's a bit pricey, this lipstick is a great gift for make-up addicts like me.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette - I love the Naked Palettes. I got one for Christmas two years ago and if it wasn't for my One Direction tickets (haha), I would have had considered it my favorite gift that year. It's a great gift, again, for make-up addicts. I love the amount of colors this palette has and, as the eyeshadows are super pigmented, this will last forever!

Oh my God! I have my company’s party coming up! I don’t know what to wear!

He said ‘dress somewhat formal’. What does he mean? I don’t have any clothes that are ‘somewhat formal’!

My friends are throwing this fancy Christmas party. What should I wear?

One of these questions (if not all of them, really) must have gone through our minds at least once, at some point on our lives, right? There is always an event or occasion where we have absolutely no idea of what to wear.

Oh Hi!

Today, I have the perfect solution for this problem!

PromTimes is a Beijing-Based company and is one of the world’s foremost online retailers, which offers a vast range of national, private and exclusive brands, providing their customers stylish dresses at affordable prices.

Something I find amazing about PromTimes is their commitment to their customers. PromTimes’ ultimate goal is to gain customer’s satisfaction, which I personally find essential, because when we are satisfied, we’ll eventually come back for more, am I right or am I right ladies? 

    I know, some people are afraid of importing things from China, but PromTimes only chooses products with great design and proven reliability.  Every order is checked to make sure your order reaches your home fast, smoothly and without anything missing.

PromTimes offers an amazing range of dresses for special occasions, such as cocktails and proms (PromTimes, duh), with all sorts of styles and colors at amazing prices! Their website is divided by a ton of categories, which I find great as it makes your search for that perfect dress a lot easier.

If you want to see want to see trendy dresses for the upcoming year, just click on ‘Cocktail Dresses 2016’.

If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a dress, just select the option ‘Cheap Cocktail dresses’.

If you want to look for dresses of a specific color, there’s that option too! Just click one, for example ‘Black Prom/Cocktail Dresses’.

If you want to see all their categories, you can too! Go bananas!

Below, are some pictures of my favorite dresses form this wonderful website.

I hope you visit it and find your dream dress! 

 Over-the -knee boots are EVERYWHERE this season! They are the it piece for a stylish fall/winter wardrobe. Every blog/website/social media platform I go, I see these boots.
Today, I decided to show you guys some ways to style this amazing trend and I hope that this post can help someone.

If you want to see more sets like these, head over to my Polyvore account.

Hello my lovely readers! Today I'm here to talk about this great website called which I'm collaborating with on this post.

Call me a curious little bean, but I love to see other people's makeup collections! I'm always reading blogposts and watching Youtube videos about it, because I love to know what products people recommend, how they storage their makeup and also to get some inspiration for my own makeup collection.
Today, I thought I'd do one of these posts.

I don't know if it's because I'm a curious little human being, but I love seeing what other blogger carry on their bags. 'What's in my bag?' posts must be one of my favorite posts, so today I decided to share what I have on my bag!

     Yesterday was the day I received my exam marks and yesterday was also the day I finally felt like I was free from school. I didn't know if I would have to repeat one of my exams, so the anxiety was kind of always there. But now I'm free and ready to enjoy summer.

 Hello everybody! I finally managed to get some time and I went shopping this week. I still had some money left from my birthday so I used it to buy these things.

Blouse: Primark

     Hi everyone! As you might know from my previous post (if you didn't, here it is), I turned 18 last week. Well, as normal (or I think it is normal), I got some cute gifts from my family and friends. I still have some money I received to spare, so I'll probably do a part two of my Birthday Haul. 
    Here are some lovely thing I got:

     Last Sunday, I turned 18 years-old and decided to celebrate it by inviting some close friends go out to dinner and just enjoy the beautiful city that is Porto.
     Here are some pictures of my night:

The window on the Marc Jacobs store


Jeans- Lefties
Blouse - Primark
Shoes- Stradivarius
Bomber Jacket - Local Boutique 
Bag- Primark

Here is the cake my mom made for us to sing Happy Birthday

 I will do a birthday haul in the next few days, but for the time being, enjoy these pictures. 

     Suede is one of the biggest trends this Spring/Summer. At first, I was a little skeptical about wearing this type of fabric, considering it's getting warmer and warmer, and I've always associated suede with Fall/Winter wear, but now I'm all up for it!
     I feel like just a simple thing as a fabric choice can make a piece of clothing go from 10 to 100 super fast. The fabric can make or brake an outfit, in my opinion.
      If you are having difficulty in styling a suede piece (I know I was at the beginning), I'll leave you some sets I've made down below and hopefully you can rock this amazing trend!

                                                               Shop my sets below:

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