Hi everyone! As you might know from my previous post (if you didn't, here it is), I turned 18 last week. Well, as normal (or I think it is normal), I got some cute gifts from my family and friends. I still have some money I received to spare, so I'll probably do a part two of my Birthday Haul. 
    Here are some lovely thing I got:

     Last Sunday, I turned 18 years-old and decided to celebrate it by inviting some close friends go out to dinner and just enjoy the beautiful city that is Porto.
     Here are some pictures of my night:

The window on the Marc Jacobs store


Jeans- Lefties
Blouse - Primark
Shoes- Stradivarius
Bomber Jacket - Local Boutique 
Bag- Primark

Here is the cake my mom made for us to sing Happy Birthday

 I will do a birthday haul in the next few days, but for the time being, enjoy these pictures. 

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