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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

     Hi everyone! As you might know from my previous post (if you didn't, here it is), I turned 18 last week. Well, as normal (or I think it is normal), I got some cute gifts from my family and friends. I still have some money I received to spare, so I'll probably do a part two of my Birthday Haul. 
    Here are some lovely thing I got:

     My best friend ├éngela gave me some lovely gifts on my Birthday, starting of with a bouquet of my favorite flowers- Tulips. I've always loves tulips, and I had been saying that I wanted someone to give me a bouquet of them on my Birthday and she gave them to me. Unfortunately, the flowers rotted/dried fairly quickly, so i don't have them anymore.  
     Along side the bouquet, she also gave me a very cute golden ring, extremely similar to this Cartier one, which we both said we wanted for a while.
     Then, ├éngela and my other friend Susana paired up and offered my a 'Wreck This Journal', something I wanted for a while as well.

     I've been in need of a setting powder for a while now. I've tried an Essence setting powder before, that said it would help to decrease acne, and it kind of helped to some extent, so I decided to buy another one like that. Unfortunately, there weren't any of those powders available, so I bought this mattifying compact powder, since I have some trouble with keeping my skin matte and not greasy.          I've only used it twice, but I can already see it helps my make-up stay longer and prevents my skin of getting too shiny throughout the day. 
     Price: 3,79 €


     Because of my birthday, I received a discount at a perfume/make-up store called Douglas. I ended up using that discount to buy this nail varnish by Flormar.
     I already owned some Flormar nail varnishes, so I kind of knew what I was going to get. The colors are great and it dries fairly quickly. The only thing I can say it's not that good it the fact that, in the bottle, it says 'Long' wear, but it lasted for about 2 days only.
     Price: 2,50€

      Again from Essence, I bought this 'Get Big Lashes- volume curl mascara'. My friends said they saw great reviews on this mascara so, as I was in need of a new one, I decided to try it.
     The thing with this mascara is: yeah, it makes you look like you just put on fake eyelashes, but it's very liquid and doesn't separate the lashes as well as it should. As an advice from my friend Marlene, I let the bottle open to dry out a bit for a few hours. It still came out a bit runny but now as bad a before.  As it doesn't separate the lashes, I use my Maybelline 'The Colossal Volume Express' mascara before and after I put this one on. that was I get big lashes without them being all glued together.
     Price: 2,89€

     Also with my Douglas discount, I bought a, much needed foundation.  I've always used either a Maybelline or an Essence foundation but I decided to change it up because:a) Maybelline foundations caused some sort of allergic reaction on my skin and b) Essence foundations only last about 3/4 hours on my skin. 
     As I already have a Flormar concealer, and I really like it, I decided to give the 'Flormar Mat Touch Foundation' a try. 
     Just like my setting powder, I've only used it twice, but I love it. It seems dark when you look at the picture above, but once you blend it, it really isn't. It lasts a lot more time on my skin then the Essence foundations I've tried before and it doesn't feel cakey. 
     Price: 14,95€

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