What's in my bag?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I don't know if it's because I'm a curious little human being, but I love seeing what other blogger carry on their bags. 'What's in my bag?' posts must be one of my favorite posts, so today I decided to share what I have on my bag!
The bag I'm currently using the a Primark one I bought back in March and it's has to be my favorite bag. It's just the perfect size - it's not too big and not too small , which is great cause I have the bad habit of having unnecessary things on my bag. This way, I only get to carry what I actually need.

What's in my bag?
Inside my bag I have my wallet which I bought about two years ago at a street sale (I think I paid about 5€ for it) and inside I have the standard things like money, cards, receipts, etc. I normally carry my sunglasses around , unless it's raining or there's absolutely no sun out. They also were bought at a local street sale.

Inside my make-up bag, I bring my Essence Setting Powder (3,49€)my Shu Uemura Brush to apply it, a Nail File (I find this essential because my nails break easily), my Primark Lip Liner (1,5€), Primark Brow Pencil (1,5€) and Primark Vanilla Lip Balm (1,5€) my Essence Get Big Lashes Mascara (2,49€) and a little mirror my mom bought me.
My home keys are also a must in my bag (or else I would be stuck out of my house forever haha) as well as my phone and iPod, I don't bring my headphones with me all the time, just when I know I'm going to be in a car for a while.

What about you, what do you carry on your bag?

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