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Thursday, December 03, 2015

Oh my God! I have my company’s party coming up! I don’t know what to wear!

He said ‘dress somewhat formal’. What does he mean? I don’t have any clothes that are ‘somewhat formal’!

My friends are throwing this fancy Christmas party. What should I wear?

One of these questions (if not all of them, really) must have gone through our minds at least once, at some point on our lives, right? There is always an event or occasion where we have absolutely no idea of what to wear.

Oh Hi!

Today, I have the perfect solution for this problem!


PromTimes is a Beijing-Based company and is one of the world’s foremost online retailers, which offers a vast range of national, private and exclusive brands, providing their customers stylish dresses at affordable prices.

Something I find amazing about PromTimes is their commitment to their customers. PromTimes’ ultimate goal is to gain customer’s satisfaction, which I personally find essential, because when we are satisfied, we’ll eventually come back for more, am I right or am I right ladies? 

    I know, some people are afraid of importing things from China, but PromTimes only chooses products with great design and proven reliability.  Every order is checked to make sure your order reaches your home fast, smoothly and without anything missing.

PromTimes offers an amazing range of dresses for special occasions, such as cocktails and proms (PromTimes, duh), with all sorts of styles and colors at amazing prices! Their website is divided by a ton of categories, which I find great as it makes your search for that perfect dress a lot easier.

If you want to see want to see trendy dresses for the upcoming year, just click on ‘Cocktail Dresses 2016’.

If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a dress, just select the option ‘Cheap Cocktail dresses’.

If you want to look for dresses of a specific color, there’s that option too! Just click one, for example ‘Black Prom/Cocktail Dresses’.

If you want to see all their categories, you can too! Go bananas!

Below, are some pictures of my favorite dresses form this wonderful website.

I hope you visit it and find your dream dress! 

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