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Shoes: every girl loves them. Whether you're more into trainers or heels, truth is shoes can make or break an outfit.

Just like clothes, we've seen a lot of different shoe trends over the years. Ones stay for just one season and others become somewhat of a classic. Today, I'm showing you five shoe trends that have taken the fashion industry by storm this Spring/Summer.

1- Espadrilles 

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Espadrilles were a hit a few years back, but people seem to have forgotten about them, but guess what? They're back! All brands are coming up with their own version of this shoe: sandal espadrilles, glitter espadrilles, platform espadrilles, you name it. They look super cute with any summer outfit!

Shop my favorite espadrilles below:

2-  Lace-up Heels

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Lace-up heels are, in my opinion, a trend that will become a classic. Its sophisticated touch takes an outfit to a whole new level! Shoes with this detail can be paired with either a cute sundress or a pair of tailored trousers and a shirt.

Shop my favorite lace-up heels below: 

3- Platform Oxfords

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Platform Oxfords were popular last season, but this season they're even more popular. Stella McCartney popularized  these shoes with her Elyse Platform Oxfords and all fashion influencers own  at least one pair. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but after seeing lots of people styling and rocking these shoes, I'm in love. 

Shop my favorite platform oxfords below:  

4- Gladiator Sandals 

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Gladiator Sandals have become a staple in any woman's wardrobe. They give a great bohemian look to an outfit. You can have tall ones, short ones, heeled ones, flat ones, leather ones and suede ones  in all colors imaginable. 

Shop my favorite gladiator sandals below: 

5- Block Heeled Sandals

Source: Viva Luxury 

There was a time everyone wore super thin heels- now it's all about block heels. They give a more manly look to a feminine shoe, but still manages to keep their sophistication and elegance. 

Shop my favorite block heeled sandals below: 

What is your favorite shoe trend? Let me know in the comments!

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don't you totally should! Just click here), you probably have already seen this outfit, as I've posted a few pictures of it. 

This is the look I wore to my cousins baptism/communion. I didn't want to wear something super chic and look like an idiot like most people in my town do (seriously, I saw some girls that looked like they were going to the MET Gala or something!), so I decided to got for a more casual look. 

  I got a lot of side stares due to this outfit, because it's not considered ''Communion appropriate'', but honestly, I'd rather wear this than 99% of the outfits I saw at the place where the party was at!

Guess Jacket 

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