5 Bags Every Girl Needs

Monday, August 15, 2016

Bags, oh how I adore them! They are the best accessory a woman could wear. Today I decided to share what (in my opinion are) the 5 bags every girl needs t have in their life.


You can't go wrong with a black bag, it's a color that goes with absolutely everything. Black bags give a sophisticated yet edgy feel to an outfit.
Shop my favorite black bags below:


Tote bags are perfect if you are one of those girls who have your whole house in your bag.You can use them for a variety of things. I personally use mine to carry y books to university. 
Shop my favorite tote bags below:


These are hands own my favorite type of bags! I love them so much that 95% of my bags are shoulder/cross-body. They are perfect if you like to be hands-free. 
Shop my favorite shoulder/cross-body bags below: 

4- Clutch

Clutches are perfect for cocktail parties,fancy events and everything in between.
Shop my favorite clutches below:


Backpacks are a huge trend at the moment. They give an outfit a cool and laid-back feel.
Shop my favorite backpacks below:

What are your favorite bags? 

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