5 Things To Do On A Lazy Sunday

Saturday, September 17, 2016

I have a love/hate relationship with Sundays (we all do right?) Sundays mean relaxation but also stress because Monday is right around the corner.

I personally love to spend my Sundays at home relaxing, but for the longest time I felt like by staying at home being lazy, I was being the biggest procrastinator. A few months ago, I decided to be 'lazily productive': do stuff that is relaxing but that don't make me feel like I haven't done anything all day.

Today, I decided to share with you 5 things you can do on a lazy Sunday:

1- Watch a new TV show/movie

We all have that TV show or movie we are dying to watch, but never seem to find time to do so. Well, Sundays are perfect for that.

2- Have a pamper session 

Take a bubble bath, exfoliate, do a hair mask, hydrate your skin, make Sunday about YOU.

3- Try a new recipe

Go on Pinterest and look for a new recipe for you to try. Who knows, this new recipe might just become a household classic!

4- Catch up on your favorite blogs/ Youtube channels

Read this week's favorite blogposts and watch you favorite youtubers' new videos.

5- Prepare the week ahead

Plan your outfits, meals and everything in between for the next week so you don't need to rush during the week.

What's your favorite way to spend Sundays? 
Rita x

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