What's In My Bag? 2.0

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Personal posts are my favorite. I love desk tours, personal collections and, of course, 'what's in my bag' posts. I've actually done of these posts before (link here), but, as it has been about a year and a half since I wrote that, I decided to do some sort of a follow-up post and show you what I carry on my bag right now. 
The bag I'm currently using is the Zara Contrast City Bag - unfortunately is not available anymore- which was a birthday gift. I love this bag because, even though it's small, it carries all the things I actually need throughout the day. 

Inside the bag I usually carry my Michael Kors Wallet - where I keep my cards, money, receipts and bits and bobs like that. An essential on my bag is-obviously- my house keys: the pompom is from a local boutique called K-Dream, the Eiffel tower was a gift from my mom's friend from Paris and the heart was a gift from a cousin from Mallorca. Two other essentials in my bag are my phone - that needs to be replaced ASAP- and my iPod.

I'm an organization freak, so I always carry a small notebook or planner in my bag, where I can write down things I have to do. I normally carry a small planner that was offered to my mom, but as she knows I love this kind of stuff, she gave it to me. I customized the cover with black textures scrapbook paper and silver washi tape. To write down on it, I use a Ale Hop pen my aunt gave me.

Makeup wise, I used to carry a whole bunch of products with me everywhere I went, but recently I decided to cut down on the stuff I bring with me and now I only carry the Douglas Matissim Liquid Lipstick and a translucent powder (which is not shown in the picture because I ran out).

What about you, what do you carry in your bag?

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