The Ultimate Guide To Blog RT Accounts

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

We all are aware that social media is a great way to promote our latest blogpost. Twitter is, in my opinion, the best social media platform to do so: you can use hashtags,join chats, mention brands in your post and, of course, tag blog retweet accounts. 

Ever since I started tagging twitter accounts that retweet my blogposts, I have had an enormous increase in page views here on The European Closet.

Blog retweet accounts are a great way to promote your posts: they have a considerable amount of following behind them - most of which are other bloggers and brands- so when they retweet your latest blogpost, it will be shared onto the timeline of thousands of people who will probably click the link and read your post. This is a wonderful way to gain new readers who, most likely, will come back to your blog. 

Today I decided to gather up 25 blog retweet accounts and create The Utimate Guide To Blog RT Accounts: 

1- @blogginggals - use the hashtag #BloggingGals for a retweet
2- @BloggersBlast - use the hashtag #BloggersBlast for a retweet 
3- @lovingblogs
4- @RetweetBloggers
5- @RT_Bloggers
6- @BloggerBees
12-@GRLPOWRCHAT - Use hashtag #GRLPOWR for a retweet 
15- @ukbloggers1
17- @bloggingbunchuk
18- @bloggerpostretweet
19- @WeRTBloggers
21- @fbloggersuk
22- @BestBlogPeeps
23- @ fashbeautylife
24- @yourblogrt

Do you use any of these accounts to promote your posts? 


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