I am one of those people who buys tons of notebooks just because they are pretty, and not necessarily because I need them. I don't know what it is, but I just love knowing I will always have an empty notebook handy for when I need to write something. 

The bad thing about having tons of notebooks is that, sometimes,you just don't know what to do with them. For that reason, I've gathered list of 10 things you can use to fill out your notebooks. 

I hope these are helpful for you! 

1- Fitness Tracker - Track your calories, your exercises, your weight... 
2-Blogging Tracker- Blogpost ideas, blog stats, to-do lists
3-Bullet Journal
5- Recipes Book
6-Books to read/ Movies and TV Shows to watch
7-Expenses Tracker- track how much money you made in a month, how much you saved and how much you spent.
8- A line a day - write something fun/sad or important that happened to you that day 
9-To-do lists
10- Bucket List 

Do you have any other ideas for empty notebooks? 

Instagram is probably the best social media platform for promoting your blogposts, but with the amount of content people upload every minute of every day- and also that stupid new algorithm- it can be very hard to stand out. 

 A great way for you to be more visible is to use hashtags on your photos, but not just any hashtags: hashtags that actually work. Forget about #love #flower and #smile: those won't do any good to your Instagram account! You need to use hashtags people you know will like your content will look at. 

I have gathered a few hashtags that actually work and divided them into a 5 categories: 

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle
  • Blogging
  • Brand Hashtags

If you'd like to know what hashtags work for each category, keep on reading! 








Brand Hashtags 

Revolve- #RevolveMe
Topshop- #TopshopStyle
River Island- #ImWearingRI
New Look - #ThisIsNewLook
ASOS- #AsSeenOnMe
Net-a-Porter- #NetAPorter
Missguided- #BabesOfMissguided 
Bohoo- #MyBohooStyle or #WeAreUs
Public Desire- #PDBae
Urban Outfiters- #UOOnYou
Nasty Gal- #NastyGalsDoItBetter

BONUS: Fashion Accounts to tag (They will repost your picture)


I hope these hashtags can help you growing your Instagram and your blog!

If you go around the internet and search for blog tips, you will get a huge amount of results, and that can be a bit mind-boggling. There are posts around the web that go in depth about 5 or 6 blogging tips, which are amazing, but I feel like I wouldn't be good a writing those so I decided to gather up 20 quick tips to help you and your blog. These are tips that have worked wonders for me and , hopefully, they will work for you too!

1- Choose quality over quantity. 

2- Promote old posts on social media

3- Tag blog RT accounts on twitter when sharing your posts. 

4- Work on your photography. It is what attracts people to your blog.

5-  Keep a notebook with all your blog related ideas (a post, a giveaway...)

6- Write about things that you are passionate about. Don't write a post just because others are writing it. 

7- Always add ALT Text to your images 

8- Set up rich pins for your blog

9- Create Pinterest-friendly images (Canva is a great website to do so)

10- Update (or create) your About page

11- Link old blogposts (when it's relevant) on your newest blogpost 

12- Have a blog layout that is easy to navigate in 

13-Make your blogposts easy to read. Don't over-complicate things.  

14- Include a link to your blog in all your social media platforms

15- When promoting your blogpost on social media, tag brands that appear in the photo for a chance to get reposted

16-Schedule your social media posts. Doing it all at once can save you a lot of time

17- Claim your blog on Bloglovin

18-Always leave links to your social media at the end of each blogpost you write.

19- Reply to comments people leave on your blogposts. 

20- Interact with your readers and other bloggers.

I hope these tips can help you and your blog!


Who doesn't love a good playlist that get you all happy and feeling like dancing all day long? I know I do! Today I created a playlist of twenty songs for all my powerful women out there. if you're feeling a bit down just listen to this playlist and I can guarantee that you will feel like you can do anything!   

Get ready to dance!


1- Power- Little Mix
2- I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor 
3-You Don't Own Me- Grace ft. G-Easy
4-Independent Women - Destiny's Child
5-Salute -  Little Mix 
6- Hush Hush- The Pussycat Dolls
7- Wannabe - Spice Girls
8-Love Myself - Hailee Steinfeld 
9- Run The World (Girls) -  Beyoncé
10-Girl on Fire -  Alicia Keys
11- Bo$$ - Fifth Harmony
12-  I'm Every Woman -  Whitney Huston
13- No Scrubs -  TLC
14- Survivor- Destiny's Child 
15- Ain't Your Mama -  Jennifer Lopez
16- Man, I Feel Like A Woman -  Shania Twain 
17-  Shoutout To My Ex -  Little Mix 
18- Respect - Aretha Franklin
19- That's My Girl-  Fifth Harmony 
20- Single Ladies - Beyoncé 

Put on your dancing shoes and let's jam! 


I am obsessed with lists: I'm that kind of girl that uses every single excuse she can find to write a list. I don't know what it is, but it just feels so good looking at a completely ticked off checklist and realizing that you've accomplished everything you wrote down. 

I am also the kind of girl who writes down a list of books, movies and TV shows she wants to see and ticks off those which she has watched or read once she finishes doing so.  For that reason, I created some PDF documents for personal use where I would write down what movie or TV show I wanted to see and what books I wanted to read. When I showed it to a friend, she asked me if I could send the documents to her e-mail so she could print them out and use them. Obviously, I said yes, and then I thought: '' Why don't I give them to my blog readers too? Certainly, there will be people interested in these printables.'', so today, I'm here to share with you my ''Movies to see'', ''TV shows to see'' and ''Books to read checklists!

Click the link below to download them

Let me now in the comments if you've downloaded these printables!


Am I the only one who is capable of spending hours upon hours on Pinterest looking through hundreds- if not thousands- of home offices and desks? I just love seeing how other people decorate their workspace to fit their needs. 

I am always changing up my desk space: adding a few bits and bobs here, taking a few things out there... truth be told, I'm never satisfied with how my workspace looks, mainly because of the amount of gorgeous office and desk photos I see on Pinterest. 
I love minimal looking office spaces, where you see very little on top of the desk and the colors are mainly black, white an grey but at the same time, I also love bright offices with bold wallpapers, pops of color and a ton of stuff on top of the desk. Therefore, it is a constant struggle for me not to change my office space every two days! Sigh. 

Anyways, today - after a lot of struggle- I managed to gather a few of my all time favorite office spaces I found on Pinterest. I hope they will inspire you as much as they inspired me. 

PS: All credit goes to the owners of these pictures

If you were to create a brand new workspace, what style would you go for?

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