5 Blogger Desk Essentials

Sunday, March 19, 2017

I used to be one of those people who blogs everywhere but their desk. I would write my blogposts on the couch, the dining table, hell I think I wrote a blogpost on my bathroom floor once. I then realised I should have a designated workspace where I could work and had all the things I needed right beside me. There are a few things a blogger must have in their desk. Today I'll be talking about the top 5 things that, in my opinion, every blogger should have in their desk.

A Planner

Planners are crucial to keep you organised. I know there are people who rather prefer having the things they need to do typed in their phones and computers but that just doesn't work for me. A lot of times I would type stuff on my phone to later do and then I wouldn't remember them anymore. That used to happen a lot last year, in my first year of uni, when I forgot my planner. I would type on my phone an assignment or homework I had to do and then I would forget it completely. 
Planners are a great way to visualise your day/week/month. That way, you can see when you can post on your blog, when you'll have time to take blog photos, and just to organise your life in general.

A Notebook

Notebooks are great for you to jot down just about everything regarding your blog. I personally use this one to write down and organise blogpost ideas and keep track of my stats.

A To-Do List

I am an organisation freak. I like to know everything I have to do during the day and when I have do those things. As I said above, a planner is a great way to keep yourself organised but along side it, I like to use this Primark to-do list to write down every little thing I have to do during the day or the week. 

Pens and Post-it notes

Pens are a no brainer really. I mean, how could you write without them?
Post-it notes are great jot down a very important task you have to do. As they are colourful, they pop out and it'll be  less impossible for you to forget what you wrote in there. They are also great for writing stuff that doesn't have a set date to be done as you can easily move them around your planner.

So these are my blogger desk essentials. What are yours?

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