How To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Blog

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Pinterest is, along side Instagram, the best social media platform for you tog grow your blog. Most bloggers have a Pinterest account, as it is a great way to showcase your aesthetic and promote your blogposts. 

For the past few months, I've been spending a great amount of time focusing on growing my through my Pinterest account. I didn't notice a difference on my blog's stats right away, but right now, I can say that a big amount of my blog traffic comes from Pinterest. 

In today's #BloggerHelp, I'll tell you 4 ways you can use Pinterest to grow your blog.


A Pin It button is the easiest way for others to share your content on Pinterest and, therefore, giving your blog exposure to all their followers. You can create your own Pin It button use a plugin or even buy a custom one if you want. 


Group board are, in my experience, the best way to grow your blog's traffic through Pinterest. There are tons of group boards out there fro every blogger, whether your a fashion blogger or a book blogger.  Join group boards and share your content regularly. Other bloggers are your best friends when it comes to sharing your content. 

I myself have created a Group Board for bloggers, if you're interested in joining. All you have to do is follow me and email me your pinterest link and email to


What are rich pins you ask? Rich pins are pins that include extra information: your blog name, favicon and a little description of the post you're promoting with that image. Here's how you can set up rich pins (on Blogger)


This is something I only started doing recently actually- I know I should've started it sooner but I was too lazy. Pinterest is all about visuals, so a good image can be the thing that can make or break your blogpost. 

Pinterest users are all about tall images (aroung 735px wide and 1102px tall) that tell them exactly what they're in for -ie. text. Even though most pins have a description below the actual image, most people,don't really read it, so it's always better to add the tittle of your blogpost on your image, as well as your blog's name.

 You can easily create a Pinterest-friendly image on Canva Visme Photoshop. I personally make mine on Canva. 

Here's an example of a pinterest-worthy image (feel free to pin it)

I hope you found this post helpful. What do you think is the best way to grow your blog's traffic with Pinterest?


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