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Pink and red. This is probably the colour combination people have been most afraid for the longest time. I admit, when I was younger I never EVER  mixed these two colour together. It just looked weird to me.
Nowadays though, I absolutely love this colour combination and think it's one of the coolest colour combinations you can make (I blame you, Lissy Roddy haha)
Today I decided to show you a few different ways you can wear these two colour and look amazing!

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Here I am with another wishlist (a girl can dream right?). This time I have a Dresslily wishlist for you. Thes store has EVERYTHING you can imagine (they even have wavy lace front wigs!)
Today I'm showing you my favourite autumn/winter items from Dressslily. 

Trench Coat
Track Pants

Make sure you head over to the Dresslily website so you can shop amazing pieces at amazing prices! 


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I'm that kind of blogger who loves to see how other bloggers organise themselves, how they plan a post and everything in between. I don't know why, but I find it very inspirational. I'm always looking for new ways to organise my blog life and make it easier for me.I've been reading a lot of posts about other bloggers' blogging process so I thought, why not do one of your own.


I have a small notebook I take with me pretty much everywhere I go: a blogpost idea can pop into your mind at the most random times- just a few days ago I was shopping for a heat protectant spray when I had the idea of writing my 'Vacation Essentials'post.
On my notebook, I write down everything that comes to my mind in terms of my blog. I write down post ideas, photo ideas, catchy post titles and some other things. I love doing this because it helps me to never run out of ideas.
Once I get home, I transfer the information on that little notebook to a bigger one where I have everything much more organised.


At the beginning of every month, I like to sit down for a while and organise my blogposts on a calendar. This way I know exactly what I have to do in every week. I don't follow the calendar religiously though. Sometimes an idea for a post comes in the middle of the month and I'm so excited about it, I just write the post right away, so I have to change the calendar for it to fit. With that being said, I think a calendar is a great way for you to visualise the month ahead and to give you a vague idea of what you have to do.
I've actually been slacking a bit on this because I actually lost my planner and I'm in the process of creating a bullet journal (maybe one day I'll write about it)

Photos + Editing

I don't follow a specific order when it comes to photography, I just do it when I'm feeling inspired. Sometimes, I'll take a bunch of photos for different blogposts and sometimes I just take the photos for a single blogpost. Also, I'm not a person who follows a routine when creating a post (example:idea+photos+write+promote) so I take my photos whenever. Sometimes before I write the posts, other times after. I tend to take pictures before writing the post though. 
As for editing, I use to edit my blog photos. I normally just use the curves tool to brighten the image up, increase the contrast and sharpen it. 
For those days when every photo I take looks like crap, I like to use stock photos. I have a folder with tons (and I mean tons) of stock photos ready to use. The photo on this post is actually a stock photo by Paula at

When I write a blogpost, I like my surroundings to be quiet so I can concentrate on what I'm writing and not be distracted (I get distracted too easily haha). I like to lit up my vanilla candle, grab a snack and some water and get down to it. 
I normally write down on a piece of paper the main topics I want to talk about in the post so I don't forget anything and then from those bullet points I start writing. Once I'm done, I re-read everything to make sure there are no typos, make a few tweaks and then go in with my Grammarly extension to make sure I didn't miss anything. After that, I pop up the photos, add the tags, search description and I'm done! 


Once the post goes live, I promote it on my social media platforms. I use Buffer to schedule my tweets, Tailwind to schedule my Pinterest pins and UNUM to schedule my instagram posts. I try not to overwhelm my followers with the same thing over and over so I try to promote the post on different platforms at different parts of the day. 

So, this is my blogging process! I hope you enjoyed it and let me know in the comments how you create your blogposts!


You know what feels great? Coming home from a fantastic holiday to an amazing order you've been dying to get! That is exactly what happened to me last week. I came home from a week-long holiday and, lying tidily on top of my bed, was my long-awaited Rosegal order. Today, I'm reviewing all the items I got. 

Rhinestone Cuff Ring

Adicionar legenda

This ring is sold out at the moment, unfortunately, but I'm sure that you can find a similar one on the Rosegal website if you want.
About this ring, I have to say that I was a bit skeptical about it because of the price (this ring costs not even a dollar!) but I have to say it's great! It's heavy and it's not losing its colour. I love how it's not your typical ring, as it's not a closed circle. It looks great on my hand if I do say so myself haha. 

Layered Circle Disc Collarbone Pendant Necklace


I've been looking for a gold choker and a necklace with a round pendant for the longest time, so you can imagine my happy dance when I found this necklace. It's exactly what I was looking for! I love everything about it, from the colour to the lenght. 
If you're not into gold jewelry, there is also a silver version of this necklace 

V Neck Layered Sleeve Striped Wrap Blouse 



This blouse is so amazing that, just like the ring, it's sold out. I've been eyeing these types of wrap blouses for a while now but never found one that actually fit me properly. They would always be either too short at the bottom or too large at the top. I think this one is just right. I love the slight off-the-shoulder detail as I think it looks very classy.
The only downside of this blouse, though, is the amount of time you spend ironing it. My mom is usually the one who irons my clothing and she said and I quote: ''Don't ever ask me to iron that blouse again! I took like fifteen minutes to do it properly.'' With that being said, I still love this blouse to death and can't wait for the weather to become a little less hot (as I'm writing this, it's 34ºC) so I can wear it outside.

Full Frame Pilot Cat Eye Sunglasses 


I've been obsessed with Metal Cat Eye Sunglasses lately so, obviously, I had to get a pair. I chose these sunglasses not only for their shape but also because of the lens colour. I don't know why but I'm in love with yellow lenses lately. If you're not into yellow lenses, these sunglasses also come in pink, which looks really cute too.

Do you have any rosegal items? What was your favourite item I featured? 


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Hey everyone! I'm back from my holiday and decided to present you guys with a little outfit post. I bought these amazing shoes and t-shirt and while away in Spain and thought this post would be a great way to show it off haha!
I paired them with my trusty old H&M black shorts and my current favourite Zara bag. This, for me, is the perfect Summer outfit!

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Gucci is a brand I'm pretty sure everyone knows. Ever since it was founded in 1921 Gucci has been at the top when it comes to designer brands. For the past two years though, Gucci pretty much exploded. If you scroll through your Instagram feed, Pinterest feed or bloglovin' feed you're bound to find someone wearing Gucci.

After Alessandro Michele took the role as Gucci's Creative Director, the brand's image has changed a lot and is now more appealing to people from all ages. Gucci is now a brand you will see twenty-year-olds wearing as well as fifty-year-olds.

The Gucci pieces we've been seeing the most (apart from the bags of course) are definitely their Jordaan Loafers and their Princetown Slippers and as they are so famous right now, many brands have come up with their own version of these shoes.

Today, I'm showing you a few different ways to style these loafers and sliders as well as (much) cheaper alternatives.

Shop the real deal 

Shop the dupes

From top left to bottom right 


I've been thinking of making this a series here on the blog, where I show you dupes of the most famous designer stuff. Let me know if you'd like that and what you like to see next!


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