15 Films To Watch This Halloween

Friday, October 27, 2017

For many years, I didn't like Halloween. I was not fond of the scary factor so I preferred to just ignore the day which was not very hard considering Halloween is more of a British/American thing.
As the years went by, though, Portuguese people started to jump on the Halloween band-wagon and trick or treating became a thing, as well as parties and Halloween decor.

When I was about fourteen, I started watching more and more scary movies (courtesy of a close friend the time) and fell in love with them. Of course, the love for Halloween soon followed. Halloween is now one of my favourite celebrations and I look forward to it all year.

In honour of this day, I decided to gather up a few films you can watch on Halloween (or all year-round really).Whether you're looking for a good jump-scare or you're just looking for a cute animated film, here is a list of 15 (of my favourite) films to watch this Halloween.

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Hotel Transylvania
Corpse Bride
The Conjuring
Midnight Meat Train
The Purge
Nightmare on Elm Street
Monster House
Hocus Pocus 

What is your favourite Halloween film? 


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