Thursday, November 02, 2017

''Oh my God Rita, you wrote Halloween wrong''. No, I actually didn't. Dalloween was the name given to my friend Dália's Halloween party- get it? Dália+Halloween- Dalloween. This party took place last Tuesday night, and let me tell you: it was the best party ever!

Everything was well thought, from the decorations to the food, to the music. Everyone had an incredible time and can't wait for the next one! Here a few pictures fo the best moment of Dalloween.

A very busy makeup station

Yeah, I won the ' Best Diva' award 

The hostess (Dália) and I- we didn't plan on being the same thing by the way


Blurry uni buddies

Trying to come up with some sort of choreography 

Yay everybody! 

Our lil' friend

Yes, there was a coffin

Doesn't this look like something you'd love to drink?

My date: Jack 

Uh, sparkly

Oh yeah! Food!


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