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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Whether it is a skincare product or a really cute lipstick, we all have at least one beauty products we use every single day.  I don't know if it's because we humans are used to routines or not, but this is a reality. 

A few days ago, I've noticed I have a few products I use everyday religiously and thought 'well this would be a good blog topic', so here it is. These are the beauty products I reach for everyday. 

I've been reading Sally Hughe's book 'Pretty Honest' that I got for Christmas and one of the many things I've retains from it is that you should have two daily beauty routines: one in the morning and another at night. I was never the one to have a big routine so I love that she's also like that. 

My morning and night routine only vary in regards to products: in the morning I use a toner and at night (not every night but 2/3 times a week) I use an exfoliator. Here I'll be talking about my morning routine. 

Starting with a cleanser, I use the Biphase Soft Cleansing Milk. Even if I didn't wear makeup the previous day or that day, I will use this to clean my face of any impurities it might have retained. Next up I go with my toner. I use a tone from the same brand as the cleanser: the Biphase Gentle Toning Lotion. Next up, I use the Cien Time Control 24 Hour Moisturizer, followed by the Revox Anti-Spot Serum. 

I also have this thing with my hands, where I put hand cream at least 3 times a day. Why? Mainly because my Laura Rossi Coco Monoi Coconut Hand and Body Cream smells like a coconut dream and I have this thing with coconut. 

I don' wear makeup every day. I used to but I didn't like what it did to my face so I cut it down. If I know I'm not leaving the house all day or I'm just leaving for a small amount of time, I won't put an ounce of makeup on my face. 

However, if I do wear makeup, there are a few products that are my essentials- the ones I always use. 

Starting with my face, I use Essence Camouflage 2 in 1 Makeup & Concealer followed by the Too Faced Born This Way Concealer and the Makeup Revolution Pressed Powder. To bring life back to my face, I go with the Nyx Matte Bronzer (very lightly because this is very pigmented). 

As for eyes, I've been using the 35 Eyeshadow Palette. I don't go all out with this palette unless I have some kind of special event, I use only two colors for my everyday makeup: a redish matte one on my crease and a shimmery ivory shade on my lid. For my eyelashes, I use the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, my new favorite mascara. 

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For highlighter, I use the Becca Glow On The Go Kit in Opal which was recommended to me by Sara from Amaze In Style. I love this kit really. You can go as extra and as subtle with your glow as you want (I prefer being extra but that's just me).

What are the products you reach for every day?


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