Am I the only one who has a hard time choosing outfits during this time? The weather is just so unpredictable at this time. At one moment it's hot and you're walking around with your arms and legs out and the next thing you know you're grabbing your warmest coat! That pretty much sums up Portugal's weather for the last 1/2 weeks. There were days where I was walking around wearing t.shirts and light, flowy trousers only to be wearing 2/3 layers of clothing the next day.

I've been looking through my Polyvore archives for the past few days looking for inspiration on what to wear and decided I should share the ones I found the most helpful with you so you don't have to go through the awful feelings of being too hot or too cold.


Since I turn 21 next week, I decided to compile a little list of things I really want to get, in hopes of someone (*clears throat* mum and dad) will get a few ideas.


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Oh gosh, it feels like I haven't sat down and written a post in a minute. For those who don't know, I recently moved to a new apartment so I had very little time to just sit down and dedicate time to my blog. On top of that, I got a terrible writer's block and I was feeling super uninspired. I think the main reason why that happened was that of Polyvore's sudden decision to shut down their website. As you know a lot of my fashion related posts here on the blog were based on Polyvore sets I created so when I heard the news that Polyvore was closing, a lot of blogpost ideas I had had to be reformulated. I'm still trying to find an alternative to Polyvore so if you know of any let me know!

So you just bought a new planner, you're all excited, you sit down and get ready to write things down. You write a ton of things you want to do and then what happens? You don't complete any of the tasks you jotted down.

As I mentioned in Monday's post (if you haven't read it, here it is) here I am with part 2 of my 'plus-sized favourites' series. Once again, I've partnered up with Rosegal to show you my favourite plus-sized dresses and how I'd style them.

Today we'll be talking about plus-sized clothing. I think plus-size talking, is still a topic blogs kind of avoid. Even though we've been seeing people talking about it more and more, it's still a topic most blogs avoid. I don't want to avoid this topic as I feel like it deserves as much attention as any other topic there is to write about.

Plus size clothing is still quite a new concept. For years we've been seeing shops making half a dozen sizes of clothing and excluding what is considered to be ''bigger girls''- which in reality is extremely stupid to call them 'bigger girls' since these girls are normal-size, at least they are to me. I mean the average size in Portugal is a 10 or 12.

I've been thinking about doing one of these posts for a while but I never really found a website where plus-sized clothing was actually pretty. Fortunately, Rosegal contacted me regarding a collaboration and I thought this would be a great opportunity to write this post.

I'll be dividing this topic into 2 separate blogposts: this one will be concentrated in showing you my favourite casual wear so tops, bottoms and jackets and the second one will be all about dresses and how to style them for different occasions.


For tops today I chose 3 different types: a floral wrap top that is perfect to wear as a casual everyday piece or to wear in a more formal setting, a black lace-up jumper that will look great with an all-black look or paired with some blue jeans and a white t-shirt with a print of some lips that is perfect to wear this spring. 

See more details about plus-sized tops here 


The first thing I choose bottom-wise were these boyfirend jeans. As we all know, baggier jeans are quickly conquering the fashion world yet again and I feel like these jeans are perfect for girls who are a bit on defence about replacing their skinny jeans. Alongside that, I also picked this black pencil skirt which I believe is a staple in anyone's wardrobe. Finally, I picked a more trendy piece: lace-up leggings. 

More plus-sized bottoms 


For outwear, I first picked a grey oversized blazer, a piece that can be worn for work or just casually with some jeans and trainers. Next up, I chose a black duster coat with pearl details. I love the length, the little pearls on top and, of course, the flared sleeves. Lastly, I chose this military-style trenchcoat. I really liked this trench mainly because of its buttons but also because it cinches at the waist, giving you the illusion that you have a more hourglass shape than you actually do.

See more outwear here 

*Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are my own. 

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