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If you've followed my blog for a while, you might remember a blogpost I wrote around this time last year where I talked about my vacation essentials. In that post, I talked not only about my fashion essentials, but also my beauty essentials and other random things that are always useful. Well, this year I decided to revamp the post, only focusing on my fashion essentials and giving you a few outfit ideas.

Are you going away on holiday this summer?


I think we all have some kind of event during the summer, whether it is a cocktail party, a birthday party or just some random dinner out, right? Well, since it's summer it'll probably be hot and if you're like me, you always have a hard time choosing cute outfits for hot weather days. But don't worry, I got you! I've been playing with my Fashmates and URSTYLE and have come up with a few outfits that are great to wear at events like the ones I mentioned above.

Shop the looks:  

Do you have any special events this summer? 


When I first started my blog, I spent hours upon hours researching websites, and apps that could help me with organising my blog and just making blogging easier for me. For the past few years, I've gathered quite a few resources so today I decided to share them with you. Some of these I discovered through other bloggers and others I found randomly. Hopefully, these resources will make your blogging life easier and more enjoyable.

Canva- I use canva mainly to create Pinterest images for my blogposts, like this one.

Ippicy - Before I started editing my blog pictures on Lightroom, I  used ippicy to do it. It's a great free alternative. I still use it occasionally to make collages -This is a program you have to install on your computer to use it. It's another great alternative to lightroom and photoshop 

VSCO - I love VSCO to edit pictures on the go. My favourite filters are A6, M5, C1 and C8

Snapseed - I mainly use Snapseed to make the backgrounds of my pictures black and white and to 
brighten up a certain area using the selective tool

A Colorstory- I've played with this app for a while and really liked it. If you like bright colours this app has the perfect filters for you 

Facetune - I like using Facetune for minor details like erasing those stubborn pimples. My favourite toll though is the details tool. I use it mainly to bright out certain features of my face, like my eyelashes, or to brighten up the small details of my bag or shoes.

Lightroom - this is the program I currently use to edit my blog and Instagram photos, but if you can't or don't want to pay for it, there are other great alternatives like the ones I mentioned above 

Photoshop - Photoshop is a bit more detailed than lightroom since you can create graphics and other things and on Lightroom, you can only edit photos

Picmonkey - Picmonkey, just like Ipiccy, is a great free alternative to Lightroom

Fotor - Also a great tool for editing your photos as well as creating your own designs

Affiliate Links 
Shopstyle Collective - I use shopstyle in pretty much all my fashion and beauty blogposts (and sometimes in lifestyle posts too). It's super easy to set up and is a great way to earn some cash

Rewardstyle - If you have a big following and great engagement, reward style is a great affiliate program for you to sign up for. Unlike shopstyle where you can just sign up and you're done, Rewardstyle is a more selective program, and only some people get accepted

Brand Affiliates- In almost every retail website you can sign up to be apart of their affiliate program. I find this really cool as you can make money from your favourite brands

ThemeXpose -  If you're not interested in buying a blog theme you can use this website to download a free template to use on your blog.

Karografia - This blogger gives you a few beautiful free themes as well as some paid ones

Pipdig, Etsy and Creative Market - If you are willing to pay for a blog theme, these three websites are, in my opinion, the best ones

Grammarly - Grammarly is probably the app that has helped me the most with my blog. As you might know, English is not my first language and although I've been speaking it for 13+ years, there are times when I don't know how to spell a specific word. There is where grammarly comes in. The app also helps you construct sentences in more cohesive ways.

Protent - this website basically helps you create blogposts titles for your blog, to make sure you'll have the highest amount of traffic possible

Social Media Scheduling 
Buffer and Tweetdeck - Tweet scheduling websites. I use these regularly 

Tailwind - Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduler.  It's super easy to use: you just select the pin, select the board and it'll post the image for you

Planoly- Planoly posts Instagram pictures and Instagram stories for you. 

Loomy - Another great tool for scheduling your social media posts. Loomy also has many other great tools that can help you with growing your blog/business. 

Trello - I use trello mainly to keep track of all my projects whether they are blog replated or not

Google Calendar - Who doesn't know Google Calendar? I like using it as an editorial calendar for my blgoposts

Evernote - I use Evernote to keep track of all my blogpost ideas as well as to save all the articles/blogposts I find interesting

Disqus - Disqus can be installed on your blog to enable comments on your blogposts - to help you manage all your email subscriptions

IFTTT - It connects your social media accounts so that what you post on one platform can be posted on another. For example, you post a picture on Instagram and IFTTT will post it on your Pinterest account  

Go Daddy - If you want to buy a domain for your blog, Go Daddy is a great place to do so

Stock Photos 
Sometimes you just don't have time to take pictures for your blog, so stock photos are a great alternative. My favourite websites are Unsplash, Kaboompics and Pixabay 

If you want more blog tips I have a few blogposts where I share my best tips

Do you use any of there resources? Do you know any other helpful resources? 


For the longest time, I've been obsessed with gingham but lately, my obsession has shifted to polka dots. I'm absolutely in love with this blouse I found at Lefties. Today I decided to pair it with some smart-looking trousers (my go-to bottoms at the moment), white trainers and a mini backpack to give the look a more casual feel.

Shop the look: 


Can I say it's summer already? Right now I can. As I write this it's about 30 degrees outside, a huge contrast to last week's rainy days. Summer in Portugal has been a bit bipolar, with super hot days followed by cold rainy ones. We honestly don't know how long the hot weather is going to last so I prepared a list of 20 activities you can do this Summer, both indoors and outdoors. The whole goal of this list is to keep you busy whether it's hot or cold outside.

  1. Go to the cinema. It's always cool inside 
  2. Have a picnic 
  3. Read that book you've been dying to read 
  4. Try new summer recipes
  5. Start scrapbook
  6. Do a DIY on an old bag or swimsuit. Pinterest is filled with these kinds of DIY's 
  7. Go camping 
  8. Catch small fish and starfish on the beach (then release them back to the sea of course)
  9. Go to a waterpark 
  10. Create a summer playlist 
  11. Go for a walk on the beach at night 
  12. Search for summer makeup looks and switch up your makeup/skincare routine 
  13. Give your bedroom a makeover
  14. Start taking online classes on a subject that interests you. I'm currently learning Korean, for example.
  15. Have an impromptu photo shoot on a swimming pool 
  16. Have a family barbeque 
  17. Go to a flea market 
  18. Try new ice cream flavours

I don't know about you but I always have a hard time when it comes to choosing outfits during summer. I've always liked winter style more than summer because I feel like summer style ends up being shorts and a tee: everything else you might wear will make you feel as if you're in a sauna. And since I'm not a shorts kinda gal it becomes hard for me to style outfits.

For the past few days, I've been searching around for alternative ways to dress during summer and I've come up with a few ideas that I thought I'd share with you guys. Of course, I included shorts for those who like to wear them, but  I also gathered some alternatives for people like me.

Oh and by the way, since Polyvore doesn't exist anymore, I've created an account on URSTYLE so if you have an account there make sure to follow me!













Hello everyone, it has been a hot minute since I've written something for the blog. If you're a student you'll probably relate: I've had my nose buried in books for the last month as I studied for my uni exams. Fortunately, those are over and I am now officially on summer holiday which means I am back to posting here on The European Closet.

To pick this up from where I left it, I decided to share with you my July playlist. Music was pretty much what kept me sane for this last 5/6 weeks. As I mentioned on my May Playlist  I've been obsessed with BTS so they make an appearance on this month's playlist as well. Along with them, I've added two more k-pop bands to the playlist: BLACKPINK and (G)I-DLE. As I always say, this is a varied playlist as I add songs from different countries.

Click here to access the Spotify playlist 

  1. OUTRO: Tear - BTS
  2. Faz Gostoso - Blaya
  4. Only You - Cheat Codes ft. Little Mix 
  5. LATATA - (G)I-DLE
  6. Youngblood- 5 Seconds of Summer 
  7. Airplane pt.2 - BTS
  8. Mafiosa - Lartiste ft Caroliina 
  9. Fendiman - Jackson Wang 
  10. Girls Like You - Maroon 5 ft. Cardi B

What's your favourite song at the moment?

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