I know the word 'routine' might sound scary for some of you but routines aren't all that bad if you really think about it. Having a consistent morning routine will help you have a more productive day and will help you create certain habits that are good for you. With that being said, having a morning routine does not mean you can't change it up here and there. There could be days where might not have enough time to complete your morning routine or you simply just don't want to do it. That is totally okay. A morning routine should serve as a template of what you would want your morning to look like and your goal should be to recreate that template as much as possible.

Here are some ways you can create an effective morning routine.


If you're looking to create a new morning routine it's either because the one you currently have is not working for you or don't really have a routine. The first step you should take when creating your ideal morning routine should be writing down everything you'd like to accomplish each morning. Grab a piece of paper and write down at what time you'd like to wake up, how much time you would like to dedicate to your morning routine and all the tasks you'd like for them to be a part of your routine.


Now that you've written down your ideal morning routine, you need to decide how much time you can dedicate to each task. Kepp in mind the amount of time you set up for your morning routine. If the all the tasks you've written down take longer than you'd want your morning routine to take, I'd either suggest you take some out or extend the time of your routine.

If you opt for the first option, the best way to eliminate tasks is to see which ones can be moved to another time of the day. For example, you'd like to work out and watch a tv show in the morning but you only have time for one. Choose one of these tasks to be apart of your morning routine and complete the other at another time of the day.


All that is left now is for you to try out your ideal morning routine! Never forget that this is not a set-in-stone thing and you can always tweak it out to make sure it fits your needs and time as best as possible.

Do you have a solid morning routine or do you just go with the flow? 


Last week I started my ''Building a New Wardrobe'' series where I talked about the basic clothing items every girl should own. Today's post is all about trendy items and how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe.

I think the number one thing when it comes to incorporating trends into your wardrobe is not to overdo it. As we all know most of these trends will last one, maybe two, seasons and then they're gone so I'd suggest you invest more into the basic pieces then into the trendy ones. You should also keep in mind that not all trends are meant for your body, therefore you should never buy something just because your favourite celebrity was wearing it. Always try on things before you buy them.

Incorporating trends into your wardrobe is not as hard as you might think: if you have a good base (i.e. the basics), adding a trendy piece will be very easy. Below are some of my favourite summer and fall trends you can add to your wardrobe as well as a few outfit ideas to inspire you.

What are your favourite trends at the moment?


How many times did we think we were doing a lot when in reality we were just sitting on our sofas spending hours scrolling through instagram? A lot of times, right? Well, I'm here today to try to change that. I've gathered 7 things you can do to actually be productive.

1-Wake up/ start working earlier 

I think this one is a no-brainer. The earlier you wake-up or start working, the more time you have to complete everything you need to do on that day. I'm not saying you should wake up at 6 am every day, but instead of waking up at 8/9 and staying in bed until 11 am, get up right away.

2-Write down what your routine looks like for a week 

By writing down everything you do for a week you'll be able to identify what is causing you to be unproductive and what tasks take the longest, helping you tweak your routine in order for it to be the most productive possible.

3-Create a solid routine 

After you've recorded what your week looks like, it's time to create a routine that works for you. Keep in mind that this routine should be designed to maximize your productivity. By creating a solid routine you'll create habits which will contribute to your productivity.

4-Batch tasks

If you have a bunch of tasks that are similar for example, clean your fridge, clean your pantry and unload your dishwasher, do those things together! You're in the kitchen anyway, so why not just do it all before you move on to the next task?

5-Plan your day ahead of time

There's nothing worse than knowing you have a ton of things to do but not knowing where to start. That is when planning comes in handy. The day before or first thing in the morning, write down everything you have to do and then distribute those tasks throughout the day (always keeping in mind step 3 and 4). By writing down everything you need to do, you'll be more likely to complete all the tasks.

6- Prioritize your to-dos 

Now, form all the tasks you've written down, choose the top 3 ones, the ones that have to be completed, no excuses. These should be the first tasks you should complete.

7-Take breaks 

This is super important to have a productive day. I know it sounds kind of contradicting but it's actually not. Taking breaks in-between your tasks will help your brain and body to recharge a little so you'll be more energized.

I hope this post can help you be more productive. Do you have any tip on how to stay productive throughout the day? 


There are a number of clothing pieces that are considered to be basics, meaning they should be apart of anyone's wardrobe as they are extremely versatile and are the base for any outfit. These are pieces that look good in every single body shape, as opposed to trendy pieces (we all have that trend we love on other but hate seeing on ourselves right?). Well, today marks the beginning of a new series here on The European Closet that I'm calling ''Building a New Wardrobe'': for the next few weeks, I'll be showing you the key pieces you need to build a new wardrobe that is both functional, timeless and modern. Today, it's all about the basics

Below are my basic pieces I think everyone should have in their wardrobe. These are pieces that can be paired with trendy pieces (more on that next week) to create a more modern look but they can also be paired with each other to create a timeless and simple outfit.


White Blouse
White T-shirt
Blue Jeans 
Black Jeans 
Denim Jacket
Leather Jacket 
Cropped Trousers 
White Trainers 
Ankle Boots
Black Dress 
Crossbody Bag 

As I said above, these pieces are the base for any outfit but they can also be paired to create outfits on their own. Here are some examples.

What are your wardrobe basics? 

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