The Trendiest Spring/Summer Accessories

Thursday, April 04, 2019


Accessories are the perfect way to give your outfits a little something special. You can be wearing the plainest outfit but when you add the right accessory you'll instantly look like you've spent hours perfecting your outfit. Here are my top 5 accessories for this spring/summer. 

Hair Clips

Ever since I was little my mom would out all kinds of hair accessories on me so I grew up loving all sorts of hair accessories. Hair clips were one of them. I'm super happy that this is a thing right now.

The most popular hair clips at the moment are ones with either pearls, glitter or words. Here are my favorites:

Bucket Hats

Okay, I know a lot of people aren't really into bucket hats but hear me out for a second. Bucket hats are the perfect combination of casual and kinda dressy. If you're not into dad caps/baseball caps/ whatever you want to call them, I think this is the perfect option.

Seashell Jewelry

I started seeing this trend going around in the late months of summer last year but since autumn was pretty much around the corner, the trend kind of died down but it's now back in full force. These are the perfect accessory for any summer outfit. Just throw on a white flowy dress, some sandals and top it off with some seashell jewelry and you're good to go!

Anything Pearl

Remember when pearls were a granny thing? Well, not anymore! Pearls are super in right now and give your looks just the right amount of elegance it needs. You can wear pearl bags, hair clips as mentioned above and any kind of jewelry

Vintage Print Scarves
Scarves are an extremely versatile accessory: you can use them on your hair, around your neck, on your bag and if they are big enough you can even wear them as a top or a belt.

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